Lamprecht, Heinz

As founder and director of the Swiss Interest Group Histamine Intolerance (SIGHI) and troubled with histamine himself, Heinz Lamprecht has acquired an extensive knowledge and experience about the still little-explored subjects of histamine and mast cell activity disorders. He worked as a biology lab technician and as an environmental scientist. His experience and broad background knowledge in various scientific disciplines, especially in molecular biology, ecotoxicology and chemical safety, is helpful in understanding the complicated biochemical, medical and civilizational contexts. He has always enjoyed cooking. Out of necessity, he more deeply explored the subject. With a lot of patience and the aid of other people affected, he collected, modified and developed recipes and searched shops for well tolerated products. Some of the recipes have already been offered electronically on By popular request, Heinz Lamprecht has now combined the compiled recipes with a diet guidance in a printed book.

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