Hegewisch, Morten

archaeologist (2003 Dr.phil., FU Berlin) specializing in the Roman Imperial age in
Germanic regions. He worked at various universities and archaeological institutions in Germany including the Cluster of Excellence Topoi, and is now at the Institute for Prehistoric Archaeology FU Berlin, as editor of the Praehistorische Zeitschrift.

physical geographer/archaeologist (1993 PhD in Humanities, Warsaw University). Since 1994 she has worked in collaboration with AG Archäometrie FU Berlin. Formerly a part-time employee at Topoi, she is currently an associated member of the Institute for Prehistoric Archaeology FU Berlin and also runs ARCHEA, a laboratory in Warsaw for archaeometric analysis and research.

mineralogist/geochemist (1968 Dr.rer.nat., 1979 Habilitation, FU Berlin). Since 1975 he has been involved in chemical and mineralogical analysis of archaeological ceramics. He was an associated member of Topoi. His many research projects encompass Roman and other pottery in Germany, the Mediterranean region and the Near East.

Using pXRF for the Analysis of Ancient Pottery
Hegewisch, Morten

The aim of the second workshop on the use of portable energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (pXRF) organized by..

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