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Modern Germany

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Neil Deane has been happily (and unhappily) immersing himself in German culture since moving to Germany from Liverpool, GB at the end of the seventies; this book reveals the conclusions emerging from his observations since then. Starting with an all-important historical overview since "Zero hour" (May 8, 1945), he moves on to describe everyday life and challenges, analyses the German way of thinking and attempts to explain the success story of Europe's most powerful economic power. A chapter on the progress of
East-West unity since 1990 and a comprehensive “state of the nation” statement bring the reader right up to date with the crucial issues facing Germany at the start of the 21st century.
Autobiographical, entertaining and non-academic in nature, yet based on facts, current writing and balanced judgement, the book paints a personal and honest picture of Germany today, providing useful help and insights for anybody intending to spend time there on business or pleasure. Anybody wishing to understand modern Germany - and that includes Germans themselves - will find much to ponder on.

Über Deane, Neil

Neil Deane is a lecturer at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. This is his third book.


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