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The way we build speeches, answers, and written texts determines their effect. A well-structured speech can be short and concise, and a key sentence defined in advance will help you to speak to the point. Forget about box structures, lines of uniform length, mind-map-style speaking, soulless pyramids:
To reverse the pyramid is transformational. Reversing the usual information pyramid offers personal access to the audience and a broad, high-altitude view from the start. Arguments are substantial and end with a strong punch point. Such funnel modules that move from broader picture to strong conclusion foster persuasiveness. The punch point principle is the essence of any effective speech or answer; truly simple, yet a revelation. Stefan Wachtel presents a scientifically founded
principle that has been applied for many years by top managers, politicians, passenger pilots and TV presenters. A series of two-day REVERSED PYRAMID BRIEFINGS ® in London, Lugano, Frankfurt and Buenos Aires will begin with this book.

Über Wachtel, Stefan

Dr. Stefan Wachtel is "one of the gurus in the executive suite" (Focus), and one of “The Leading Coaches of the World®“. The German executive coach works with European top managers from business, the public sphere and sports, so far including board members of 15 of the DAX-30 companies. Stefan Wachtel helps to develop all kinds of speeches and Answers. Earlier in his career, he spent six years coaching presenters for the German public television services ARD and ZDF and three years training passenger pilots of Lufthansa in announcement skills. His new book REVERSED PYRAMID is a proprietary method and his tenth book (German: “Das Zielsatz Prinzip, 2020ff.”). This TEDx Talk “How to disrupt the conventional speech” explains, how to reverse the information Pyramid.


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Sprache Englisch
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Erscheinungsdatum: 31.05.2021


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