• Liechtenstein Trademark Law

Liechtenstein Trademark Law

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The present book on the Liechtenstein trademark law continues the commentaries and treatises edition on Liechtenstein private law. In 1996 Liechtenstein issued a completely revised trademark law, which came into force in 1997. Liechtenstein essentially cited the Swiss trademark law, so that Swiss literature and judicature can be used broadly in practice. The Swiss trademark law which is the basis for the Liechtenstein law, has been in force since 1993. The new Liechtenstein trademark law aims where necessary, to achieve alignment in the trademark system of the European Community. The position of the trademark owner is substantially strengthened, and the trademark as a business tool therewith becomes an important instrument for industry and trade. The reader should get familiar with the Liechtenstein trademark law with the present publication, and it should serve as a tool to the brand managers and the practitioners in their daily handling of trademarks. The previous edition (2002) has proven to be a success, and serves as a benchmark for practitioners in the meantime. The 2011 edition is updated and revised with current cases. In the interim, the trademark law commentary was also released in the Chinese language, and with the present English version, the Liechtenstein trademark law will also be brought closer to the English-speaking professionals. You can also find the present publication on the webpage www.wanger.net. In the download section you can download the entire text as pdf and thus do a specific search by keyword.


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