• The 7 Levels of Confidence Children need

The 7 Levels of Confidence Children need

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Concentration problems, difficulties with language, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD], dyslexia, aggression – all those phenomena and many other behavioural peculiarities and learning problems are messages of children.
Unfortunately common pedagogy often draws wrong conclusions and is rarely able to cope with those messages.
Evolutionary Pedagogy © depicts a new way of how to spe cifically activate a positive development by identifying and relieving individual stress factors.
Blockades will be recognized and resolved.
An encouraging book showing both new and perplexingly simple solutions for widely spread learning difficulties.

Über Gramer-Rottler, Silke

Ludwig Koneberg, born 1947, M.A. in Philosophy, Business Engineering, and Pedagogy. He is founder and head of the ´Institute of Practical Pedagogy´ (IPP) in Munich, Germany. He mainly focuses on training of teachers and school instructors. Silke Gramer-Rottler, born 1963, is experienced Montessori teacher and consultant in Practical Pedagogy. Her main focus is training of teachers and education specialists. She lives in Switzerland close to the city of Konstanz, Germany. For more than 25 years the Institute for Practical Pedagogy I.P.P. GmbH has been offering training classes for Evolutionary Pedagogy ® professionals across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy. www.institut-pp.com www.evolutions-paedagogik.ch


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