• Fast way to master 200+

Fast way to master 200+

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One of the major obstacles for foreigners in China is to master the Chinese language. Not only is Chinese ‘incompatible’ to other Indo-Germanic languages, the unique usage of Chinese characters creates an additional progress barrier in the initial phase of learning making it nearly a "Mission Impossible". All the characters appear to the beginner as a "chaotic" constellation of strokes without any logic and meaning. False! Far from it, Chinese characters are very logical and can be read and remembered in a systematic way. The only problem is you don't know how to do?! That is what this book is all about! This book is an approach to speed up the learning process of Chinese characters by: - introducing the general ‘easy to remember’ logic of Chinese characters / - showing how to read, understand and remember them / - grouping Chinese characters in a systematic way into character families / - showing the similarities of the characters built by the same components or root characters finally, providing the right pronunciation with the book on the attached CD. All the characters explained in this book are sorted according to pinyin – the phonetic transcription of the Chinese characters. To understand pinyin the reader needs to understand the principle of the different tones used in the Chinese language. The four different tones – further described as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th tone – are unknown in European languages (European languages use mostly the 4th tone or no tone). The same word pronounced with a different tone will lead to a completely different meaning depending on the tone used.


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