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The Neolithisation of the Mediterranean Basin involved a change from a procurement to a productive economy. Although the domestication of most of the plants and animals associated with the Old World Neolithic occurred in the Levantine Fertile Crescent, the Second Neolithic Revolution that resulted in elements of the Neolithic such as domesticates and objects occurring in North Africa and throughout Europe, is arguably just as important a process. Archaeological attention has been focused primarily on the initial domestication process, and only latterly on the spread of food producing economies. In recent years, research into the Neolithisation of both Europe and North Africa has been increasing, notably so into the process by which varied communities adopted new food producing strategies. The implementation of new technology, methods, and theories have contributed to refinements in the timing of change in economies, analysis of the types of food eaten, and the reasons behind these transformations.

Über Rowland, Joanne M.

PhD (University College London), is a Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on social transitions in 5th-early 3rd millennium BC Egypt. She was a research fellow at the University of Oxford, the Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels, and Junior Professor at the Freie Universität Berlin.

PhD (University of Naples L’Orientale), holds a permanent post as Researcher at the National Research Council of Italy (ISPC-CNR), and an Adjunct Professorship in Prehistory and Protohistory at the University L’Orientale. His research has focused on human adaptations to the environment and the emergence of food production in North Africa.

PhD (University College London), was research fellow on the Neolithic in the Nile Delta, Topoi. His research focused on prehistoric northeast Africa, cultural heritage management, palaeoethnotrichology, and excavation methods. He was a research fellow at the University of Edinburgh and honorary research fellow/associate lecturer at the University of Winchester.


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