• Guidobaldo del Monte (1545 1607) - Theory and Practice of the Mathematical Disci

Guidobaldo del Monte (1545 1607) - Theory and Practice of the Mathematical Disci

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Guidobaldo Marquis del Monte has long been identified as a key figure in the history of the mathematical disciplines in the Renaissance. The contributions brought together in this volume examine all the key aspects of the Marquis del Monte s activities, ranging from mechanics and the science of perspective to architecture and geometry. Some of the essays provide intellectual analyses of Guidobaldo's works, including their significance and reception, others document his activities in the design of mathematical instruments, in civil and military architecture, and in his professional travels and contacts with Galileo. Many of the contributions rely on archival research shedding new light on his activities. As a result, Guidobaldo appears in a new light and as a key figure not only in the Duchy of Urbino but also on the Italian and European stage. --- The series 'Proceedings' of the Max Planck Research Library for the History and Development of Knowledge presents the results of scientific meetings on current issues and supports further cooperation on these issues via an electronic platform. The volumes are available both as print-on-demand books and as open-access publications on the Internet. The material is freely accessible online at www.edition-open-access.de, supplemented by additional information and interactive features. The original scholarly work presented in these volumes is published under the responsibility of designated members of the Scientific Board and their appointed reviewers.


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