Non-Isothermal Kinetic Methods

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In the modern world of ever-advancing technologies, actual tests of products and processes are more and more often preceded - if not replaced - by computer modeling. This saves the time and resources required for actual tests, and enables a better understanding of processes that occur in the course of tests. Preliminary computer modeling favors prudent planning of experiments. Calculations in thermal analysis are used everywhere, for example, in estimating the efficiency of thermal insulation of pipelines and in estimating the critical overheating conditions for some chemical substances under which their decomposition, self-heating, explosion, and so forth, occurs. This methodical manual focuses on a small aspect of calculations in thermal analysis dealing with constructing kinetic models from thermogravimetry and differential scanning calorimetry experimental data. --- The series 'Textbooks' of the Max Planck Research Library for the History and Development of Knowledge presents concise and synthetic information on a wide range of topics, both introductory and advanced. The volumes are available both as print-on-demand books and as open-access publications on the Internet. The material is freely accessible online at, supplemented by additional information and interactive features. The original scholarly work presented in these volumes is published under the responsibility of designated members of the Scientific Board and their appointed reviewers.


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